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Mission and Community Commitments

At Brainard Avenue Baptist Church, we have a shared goal and purpose for our work within the church and in the greater community.

Our Mission

Our mission as a church is to gather, grow, and go to make the glory of God known through the gospel.

We gather together...
on Sunday mornings in corporate worship to glory in who God is and what He has done for us through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We grow together...
through discipleship relationships in which we love, encourage, and challenge one another to walk worthy of the gospel.

We go together...
to use the gifts God has sovereignly given us by His grace to serve others in love, whether they be in our church through fellowship or outside of our church through evangelism.

Everything we do at Brainard is intended to help us gather, grow, and go for the glory of God.

Our Community Commitments

Our Community Commitments drive everything we do as a community of believers.

We are committed to the following as a way of life in our church:

  • The supremacy of God in all things
  • Engaging in God-centered worship
  • Connecting to God through prayer
  • The total sufficiency of the Bible for all areas of life
  • Grace! Both from God to us and through us to others
  • Compassionate global evangelism
  • Meaningful church membership
  • Strengthening and supporting families
  • Growing through discipling relationships
  • Equipping leaders
  • Defending the rights of the defenseless